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Exclusive Webinar

How Virtual Selling unlocks data-driven sales coaching

Data is the new oil. This applies not least when we develop our salespeople. Without data, we cannot coach, train or improve our salespeople's performance

- Henrik Larsson-Broman, Mercuri International

For decades sales coaching was based on gut feeling. But digitalization and AI have changed the game. With new technology and methods, companies report seeing more than 20X more effective sales coaching and 3x faster sales onboarding.

Based on a study from Mercuri International Research only one in three sales executives receives coaching. In the same study, it is also clear that the potential for improvement is huge if sales coaching was conducted regularly. One of the critical challenges was the lack of data on which to base the coaching.

During the breakout session you will learn:
  • How B2B sales are changing
  • What virtual and hybrid selling for B2B is all about
  • Keys to success in virtual sales meetings
  • Things to expect from modern tools for virtual and hybrid sales
  • How to use data day-to-day to leverage virtual sales

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or thoughts, or would like to talk about how to take your Virtual Sales to the next level.

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    Henrik Larsson-Broman
    Speaker, Researcher, Trendspotter
    Mercuri International
    Ricard Chramer
    Founder Meetric