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The Sales Conference 2021 breakout Session

Mastering Virtual Sales in 2022

The Sales Conference is the largest B2B sales conferece event in Northern Europe it guides leaders into the future of sales with inspiration and insights.

Pitchflow is one of the speakers delivering a breakout session focusing on how to Master virtual- and hybrid B2B sales

During the breakout session you will learn:
  • How B2B sales are changing
  • What virtual and hybrid selling for B2B is all about
  • Keys to success in virtual sales meetings
  • Things to expect from modern tools for virtual and hybrid sales
  • How to use data day-to-day to leverage virtual sales

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or thoughts, or would like to talk about how to take your Virtual Sales to the next level.



Ricard Chramer
CEO & Founder @ Pitchflow