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A New Era For Nordic
Sales Teams

Win more deals and save countless hours by turning calls and meetings into AI summaries and  insights powering dynamic dashboards, coaching-tools and automations.

English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and +30 other languages supported

Integrates seamlessly with
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How Meetric works
We see a 25% sales boost directly connected to Meetric in the first year.
A complete game-changer for coaching, forecasting and growth.

A need to have for sales management 2023

Understand what makes top performers different

Benchmark your sales team's meeting performance to understand what differentiates high performers, implement improvements and measure the outcome.

  • Compare meeting insights with sales results
  • Discover your organizations winning sales formula
  • Reports and overviews on performance over time

Search and filter captured meetings based on data

Review any meeting at any time based on smart filters that makes sure you only spend time on meetings with actual insights.

  • Review any meeting at any time
  • Go back to lost or won deals to see what happened
  • Before follow-up meetings or when writing quotes

Review meetings effectively

Why spend 60 minutes to review a 60 minute meeting, when you can spend 3 minutes? Compared to sitting in on meetings this is more than 20X more effective.

  • Save time with AI-enriched timelines for recordings
  • Give feedback on meetings with scorecards
  • Sales executives can review their own meetings
  • Search the meeting by transcript, thumbnails or data

Onboard new sales reps fast and share winning tactics

Great meetings and moments should be shared. Let new sales executives study best practice meetings instead of sitting in on random meetings at random.

  • New sales reps can learn from the best
  • Best meetings and moments shared in one place
  • Categorize by tags

Every meeting perfectly logged to the CRM

Meetric automatically logs executed meetings to the right contact and company in the CRM. All participants, engagement levels, transcripts where it should be, saving hundreds of hours per year.

  • Save 15-45 minutes per day per sales executive
  • Automatic logs to the right contact and company
  • Works natively with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Dynamics, Upsales and many more

Meetric Engage

While we integrate with the most common meeting platforms, Meetric Engage is our meeting platform built for sales, for a better experience for both the seller and the buyer.

  • Branded
  • Take notes during meetings
  • Share slides and content without screen-sharing
  • See if the buyer is engaged
  • Always see all participants
  • Screen Sharing 2.0 - Interactive, secure, high quality and low bandwidth

We also integrate with your preferred meeting platform

Consider using Meetric Engage to get the most out of your virtual sales meetings, but we also support capturing and analyzing meetings from Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom and Softphones based on your needs.

Unleash the potential of virtual selling

Companies that analyze their sales meetings with recordings and AI insights can increase their sales substantially.

More engaging meetings
Faster sales ramp-up
More effective coaching

Integrated with the platforms you love

Meetric allows you to connect your sales meetings directly to your favorite platforms

Just to name a few... Or use our open RestApi to integrate anything.
"Getting insights on sales meetings is a true game-changer"
Fredrik Starke
CEO, Tryggsam
"Meetric is an essential tool for our virtual selling and B2B sales coaching"
Robin Kareem
Head of Sales, Questback

Start using Meetric today and make the most out of your sales meetings

Experience the next-generation sales platform, built entirely for professional virtual selling.

  • Get insights into your sales meetings with powerful AI
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Meetings that are actually made for sales