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Our products

For enterprise features like SSO, custom agreements, dedicated account manager and more, please contact us.
Meetric Engage
Host meetings made for sales, that increases engagement, quality and focus.
  • Meetings made for sales
  • Dynamic content sharing
  • Real-time participant engagement
  • Take notes in meetings
  • CRM sync after meeting
  • Join meeting as spectator
  • Co-browsing
Analyze Plus
Unlock complete conversation analytics with transcription of meetings
  • Transcription of meetings
  • Questions and answers
  • AI meeting summary
  • Keywords like competitors
  • See trends and topics
  • Wordclouds
  • Sync questions, summeries and more to CRM automatically
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We see a 25% sales boost directly connected to Meetric after 1 year.
A complete game-changer for coaching, forecasting and growth.

Unleash the potential of virtual selling

Companies that analyze their sales meetings with recordings and AI insights can increase their sales substantially.

More engaging meetings
Faster sales ramp-up
More effective coaching


How does it work if I add more seats during the contract period?

It is always possible to add more seats during the contract period. Those seats annual billing will be fitted into your existing contract period.

Can we change plans during a contract period?

It is always possible to upgrade the plan for one or more seats during the contract period.

Can we change users connected to seats?

Yes, its possible to add and remove users during the contract period, as long as the total number of used seats stay the same.

What does the onboarding look like?

We onboard your core team personally, and for new users after that we have an easy to use onboarding video. Before the onboarding we usually discuss the best way of approach with management.

After two weeks we have a follow up to make sure you are up and running successfully.

Is it easy to get started?

Onboarding a single user to Meetric takes less than five minutes. The user installs their calendar integration for Google Calender och Outlook. Then they connect their CRM.

Finally we have a short video that introduces our unique meeting features and how to get learnings from our insights and captures.

We have SDRs/Meeting bookers. How can they scheduale meetings for our sales reps easily?

We give those roles a free Meetric seat, that is only for creating (not hosting) meetings. When a meeting is created, the sales rep can easily take over the meeting as the presenter at any point.

Experience Meetric today

Take your virtual selling to the next level

Start using Meetric today and make the most out of your sales meetings

Experience the next-generation sales platform, built entirely for professional virtual selling.

  • Get insights into your sales meetings with powerful AI
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Meetings that are actually made for sales