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The challenges with digital sales meetings for B2B sales

Ricard Chramer, CEO @ Meetric
7 minutes read

Digital sales meetings are here to stay is something that we all working with sales in B2B are talking about these days. According to research conducted by mö in 2021, it is clear that digital meetings will stay at least in Sweden. 58% estimate that more than half of all meetings will be digital meetings when the pandemic restrictions are removed. If you want to find out more you can download the report here.

The digital meeting platforms that we have started to use like MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet are well suited for digital meetings in general. However, they are not so efficient to use for digital sales meetings.
Sales meetings are critical for the success of the B2B sales team. They need to deliver the best possible experience for the participants. The Sales Executive needs to be in control of the meeting to manage the meeting effectively.

The normal digital meeting platforms lack functionality for things like:

  • Let the presenter have 100% control of the meeting
  • Setting up specific meetings for specific purposes
  • Set up meetings that deliver the proper branding experience
  • Easily share any type of content via the meeting
  • Make it easy for the presenter to find content and resources that might be needed during the meeting to get fast access to
  • Be able to analyze the meeting and based on data define what could be improved
  • Save all the content from the meeting in the CRM system and for easy sharing with the participants

Virtual Sales Platforms (VSP) is a new type of platform that is specifically built for handling these types of needs.

The current tools and skills are not going to do the job. The tools that we use like Teams, Zoom and Meet are all made for general internal and external meetings. SPIN Selling, Social Selling and Solution Selling skills are not enough. As CSOs we can not expect the sales executives to manage this major change by themselves.

A tool for Sales Managers to improve the effectiveness of the sales team

The Virtual Sales Platform (VSP) is also a tool for the modern Sales Manager to more effectively drive change to increase the sales team’s effectiveness. The VSP gives the Sales Manager large amounts of data about the meetings that have not been possible to get before.

This data makes it easy to understand how to improve the Sales Executive’s behavior in the meetings in line with buyer expectations. Sales Managers can use this for 1:1 coaching sessions to better understand how to win business and coach the Sales Executives to improve their sales roles.

What do Virtual Sales Platforms look like in reality?

There are only a few Virtual Selling Platforms available on the market. If you want to see a VSP in action it is possible to arrange a demo of Pitchflows VSP. You can contact Pitchflow and book a demo here and experience both the platform and a Virtual Selling meeting yourself or you can watch our webinar Mastering virtual and hybrid B2B-sales