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Meetric Engage

A meeting platform made for sales

Experience a meeting platform tailor-made for sales, built entirely to create engaging, measurable and scalable meetings.

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We see a 25% sales boost directly connected to Meetric after 1 year.
A complete game-changer for coaching, forecasting and growth.

A meeting platform tailor-made for successful and engaging sales meetings

A sales professional should not have to think about technology in a sales meeting. Everything should just work. Presenting slides with ease, jumping between any slide och content instantly and being able to take notes without switching application during meetings is all important parts of a good sales meeting.

Real-time engagement tracking

Know if your customer is in another tab during the meeting, not seeing your demo or your slides. Our data shows that 20% of the time, participants are reading emails, working, checking the news and more during your meeting.

  • See if participants left the browser tab of the meeting
  • Engage participants again by asking activation questions like: "Do you have any questions?", "Should I go deeper or shall we move ahead?"
  • See where you lost your participants in the recording timeline

Real-time coaching with Spectate

Participate in meetings without being visible, communicate to the sales rep in a private chat channel.

  • Spectate in meetings, be invisible
  • Write in internal chat that customer cannot see, coaching in real time
  • See a list of active meetings to join in on

GDPR compliant recording notice, before joining the meeting

A completely customizable GDPR-compliant recording notification that can be customized for different needs with unique features like individual opt-outs keeping all meetings captured.

  • We inform about where the recording is stored, how long it is stored and why the meeting is recorded
  • Choose what level of acceptance your participants will get: Accept by joining, accept before joining, possibility to opt-out from meeting recording
  • The meeting is will still be recorded but without participants that denied recording
    (Total recording can always be stopped by the host) 

Magical demos with co-browsing, let the customer take control

Co-browsing is like screen-sharing, but you are sharing a virtual desktop instead of your own desktop. This means there is no risk of showing confidential information on your computer, the quality is better and you can let the participant take over control at any time in the demo.

  • Share a virtual desktop instead of your desktop
  • Let participants take control
  • No risk of showing confidential information
    (Mail, Calendar, CRM, Tabs etc)

Take notes during meetings

Stop switching between your meeting and a note application. Easily take notes directly in the meeting and have it sent to your CRM when the meeting is done.

  • Take notes during meetings
  • Meeting notes are sent to the CRM when the meeting is ended
  • Notes are private

Easily share slides and videos, without  screen-sharing

Stop sharing your messy desktop. Start sharing slides professionally, and always see all participants while sharing.

  • Easily switch between slides, only show active slides and content to participants while having a complete overview
  • Always perfect quality for everyone, regardless of bandwidth
  • 98% less bandwitdh used compared to screen-sharing a slide for 5 minutes

Slide & content notes integrated

Attach notes to content pages and slides to support sales professionals in meetings

  • Add notes to slides and pages
  • Automatically see slide notes when sharing page or slide
  • Control content notes as admin and share documents with employees

Experience Meetric today

Take your virtual selling to the next level

Unleash the potential of virtual selling

Companies that analyze their sales meetings with recordings and AI insights can increase their sales substantially.

More engaging meetings
Faster sales ramp-up
More effective coaching

Integrated with the platforms you love

Meetric allows you to connect your sales meetings directly to your favourite platforms

Just to name a few... Or use our open RestApi to integrate anything.

Start using Meetric today and make the most out of your sales meetings

Experience the next-generation sales platform, built entirely for professional virtual selling.

  • Get insights into your sales meetings with powerful AI
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Meetings that are actually made for sales