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AI enriched meeting recordings

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We see a 25% sales boost directly connected to Meetric after 1 year.
A complete game-changer for coaching, forecasting and growth.

For the first time in human history, it is possible to analyze the full sales meeting.

Think about it. Humans have been selling for thousands of years. But before virtual meetings, meetings were never documented. It wasn't possible. Now, with the possibility to capture and analyze sales meetings, a new era of sales has emerged and sales will never be the same again.

AI enriched recording timeline, another true game-changer

Meeting recordings changes everything, but without AI analyzing meetings takes too much time. Our AI enriched timeline gives unique insights in seconds instead of hours.

  • See where sales rep has monologues
  • See where participants and host interupts
  • Thumbnails to easily navigate to parts of the meeting
  • Add comments to meeting timeline
  • See where participant looses engagement

GDPR safe, with Meetric recording compliance

Meetric is the only platform that lets you customize the recording acceptance to be fully GDPR complient. Participants can also opt-out from the recording, keeping the rest of the participants in the recording.

  • Ask recording permission pre-meeting ( not during )
  • 3 different levels of recording permission levels
  • Allow single participant recording opt-out Meeting will be recorded without that participant
  • All recordings are stored within EU By an European company and European ownership

Unlock self-coaching, the fastest way for a sales professional to get better

By looking at your own meetings, and getting feedback from the Meetric AI sales reps can quickly improve their results.

  • Sales reps can watch their own meetings during meetings
  • Get recommendations based on meeting performance
  • Get better over time with AI meeting scoring
  • Find crucial moments in recorded meetings
  • Ask coaches or coworkers for assistance
  • Watch top performers meetings (based on account settings) 

Understand where you loose engagement

On average, 20% of the meeting your customer is distracted by work, notifications, social media, news and more. Know directly when this happens and take control.

  • See if participants lose engagement (changes browser tab)
  • Optimize meetings and content based on engagement

Before follow-up meetings, always quickly scan through previous meeting

Imagine having perfect memory of all your meetings. Well, now you don´t have to imagine it.

  • Take notes during meetings
  • Easily share slides and content with ease and control
  • Easily share slides and content with ease and control
  • Always see all participants
  • Let your customer interact in platform demos

Share recordings or snippets with customers or coworkers

With Meetric you can easily share snippets or whole recordings with a click, and get comments and feedback on them.

  • Take notes during meetings
  • Easily share slides and content with ease and control
  • See if participants in the meeting is engaged
  • Always see all participants
  • Let your customer interact in platform demos

Experience Meetric today

Take your virtual selling to the next level

Unleash the potential of virtual selling

Companies that analyze their sales meetings with recordings and AI insights can increase their sales substantially.

More engaging meetings
Faster sales ramp-up
More effective coaching

Integrated with the platforms you love

Meetric allows you to connect your sales meetings directly to your favourite platforms

Just to name a few... Or use our open RestApi to integrate anything.

Start using Meetric today and make the most out of your sales meetings

Experience the next-generation sales platform, built entirely for professional virtual selling.

  • Get insights into your sales meetings with powerful AI
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Meetings that are actually made for sales