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Measure and optimize virtual sales meetings

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We see a 25% sales boost directly connected to Meetric after 1 year.
A complete game-changer for coaching, forecasting and growth.

If it can´t be measured, it can´t be optimized

Meetric is the only platform that offers both meetings and insights. This means we can track sales and customer behaviour in more depth. It also means we do not need to record meetings in order to get metrics.

Your meetings, finally structured. With recordings.

Having all meetings captured and structured gives crucial business advantages

  • Sales coaching
  • Self coaching
  • Internal handovers
  • Documentation
  • Compliance

The only platform to track true customer engagement

Engagement is the real KPI of virtual selling. On average your customer is distracted by other things during 20% of the meeting. Know when this happens and take control and improve engagement with 50%.

  • See if participants loose engagement in real-time (changes browser tab)
  • Optimize meetings and content based on engegement
  • See where participants loose interest in recordings
  • Track engagement metrics at scale

Meeting insights at scale with AI changes sales coaching forever

When coaching in sales, the most common topics are lettings the customer talk, building good reports, getting the customer to agree on key topics, keeping the customer engaged etc. We have automated this based on voice analysis and meeting insights.

  • AI meeting score
  • Talking ratio
  • Longest monologue
  • Conversation shifts
  • Amount of meetings & meeting time

Understand what your top sales reps do differently

Meetrics AI gives you all the metrics to understand what makes your top performers sell more.

  • Track customer engagement
  • Measure repport
  • Amount of meetings and meeting time
  • AI meeting score
  • Compare sales reps

Automatically sync meeting data & notes with your CRM

When the meeting is finished, we automatically sync meeting notes, participants, shared documents and more to your CRM.

  • Save 15-45 minutes per day per sales rep
  • Get complete CRM documentation
  • Automatic sync to the right contact and company

Experience Meetric today

Take your virtual selling to the next level

Unleash the potential of virtual selling

Companies that analyze their sales meetings with recordings and AI insights can increase their sales substantially.

More engaging meetings
Faster sales ramp-up
More effective coaching

Integrated with the platforms you love

Meetric allows you to connect your sales meetings directly to your favourite platforms

Just to name a few... Or use our open RestApi to integrate anything.

Start using Meetric today and make the most out of your sales meetings

Experience the next-generation sales platform, built entirely for professional virtual selling.

  • Get insights into your sales meetings with powerful AI
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Meetings that are actually made for sales