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General Data Protection Regulation

Meetric is GDPR & SCHREMS II compliant

We have made sure that our product is compliant, so that your organization doesn’t have to think about it.

Meeting and analytics platforms naturally handle personal data like email addresses, names, behavior, user ids and more. This means following the latest GDPR development is critical to us.

Meetric's ownership is in Sweden, storage and servers in France by a hosting company with ownership within EU ( We never use any sub-processors with ownership or location outside of EU.

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GDPR safe, with Meetric recording compliance

A completely customizable GDPR-compliant recording notification that can be customized for different needs with unique features like individual opt-outs keeping all meetings captured.

  • Ask recording permission pre-meeting (not during)
  • 3 different levels of recording permission levels
  • Allow single participant recording opt-out Meeting will be recorded without that participant
  • All recordings are stored within EU by a european company and european ownership

Fully GDPR complient meeting metrics and recordings

Get all your sales meetings recorded, structured and enriched. This opens up for:

  • Sharing meeting snippets or whole meetings internally or with customers
  • Coaching & self-coaching
  • Watching recordings before follow-up meetings
  • Internal hand-overs
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Meetric is an essential tool for our virtual selling and B2B sales coaching
Understanding what's going on in our sales meetings is a true game-changer