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Mastering Virtual Sales in 2022

The pandemic has accelerated the changes that will be needed to adapt B2B sales organizations towards Virtual- and Hybrid Selling. It is all about being able to effectively handle the sales process and the customer journey in a much more digital context. This demands new skills and tools suited for this specific purpose.

According to Gartner’s research, the transformation has just started and there are a number of challenges that must be mastered. Chief sales officers (CSOs) must make the correct technology, talent, enablement, and operational decisions and investments to ensure the function continues to deliver growth.
Pitchflow is one of the speakers delivering a breakout session focusing on how to Master virtual- and hybrid B2B sales

Key takeaways
  • How the B2B sales organization must adapt in line with buyer behavior
  • What Virtual and Hybrid Selling as the new sales methodology for B2B is all about
  • Keys to success in virtual sales meetings
  • What should you expect from modern tools for Virtual and Hybrid Sales
  • How do you implement solutions that support Virtual and Hybrid Sales